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There is a tension that exists between order and chaos. I am drawn to spaces, in nature, where most would see disorder and complete randomness. But in fact, a structure exists. This structure, which I envision, mirrors nature as a whole.


I gravitate toward spaces that are not pretty; most would pass them by. These mundane spaces draw me in either by a certain color, like vivid purple of pokeberries, the repetition of certain lines, or the shape of a leaf or pod against dense foliage or the open sky. I enjoy taking these inconsequential moments of nature to a new heightened importance. The small details of a tangle of branches, ripening berries on a vine or mussels and snails lodged against a rock provide the information needed to transform nature and weave a relationship within the painting between abstraction and representation.


I react to this image challenging my interpretation of nature and allowing the painting to take precedence. I am not concerned with a literal depiction of the landscape, but rather a sense of place, carefully constructed and woven together to form my vision of nature.


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